Our Philosophy

MyTaito is inspired by the education system of Finland which is similar to the ancient Gurukul system of India. The focus is on those essential functional life skills over formal education and on-paper qualifications.
You get to choose what you want to study based on what kind of a career you want to build. You also have the freedom to explore and experiment in a classroom where the teacher and student work together to help each other out.

We're going back to the basics. You get to learn only what you want to learn. Nothing more. Nothing less. Simple. MyTaito breaks down condense subjects and breaks them into individual topics for learners to choose from.
Learners get the freedom to pick individual topics that they wish to learn without having to commit for a long period of time or having to pay hefty fees for courses.
The emphasis would be on building the necessary life skills essential for overall human development.


Our Team

Samanth Chowdary

Founder & CEO

Anmol Gupta

Co-Founder & Business Development

Nameer Khan

Co-Founder & Designer